Creating Purple Wedding Centerpieces

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When planning the decorations for a purple themed wedding reception, one of the most important things to consider are your centerpieces. Using purple wedding centerpieces will really bring your theme to life.

There are many ways you can do this and in this post I will discuss some of the options and products available. I will also give you some ideas on how to use these products to create fantastic purple wedding centerpieces for your tables.

Flowers and Vases

Using purple flowers and vases for your wedding table decorations is one of the simplest and most effective options. Even with such a simple centerpiece there are many, many choices. You can choose a clear vase and purple flowers or a purple vase with purple flowers. The flowers can be a mix or you can stick to one type only. The vase can be a tall one or a low one. The shorter vases are usually more popular as guests can see each other accross the table but if you want a tall vase then choose something tall and thin like a tall trumpet style vase. You could even submerse the flowers into the water. There are a couple of examples of this in my video on the Orchid Wedding Centerpieces Ideas page plus a picture of a trumpet vase with submersed flowers on the page.

You can even use a combination of purple colored bottles or smaller vases and combine them or group them together. If you are having a purple theme combined with another color then you could add that color into the flowers and vases too. In the photograph below the vases have been embellished with ribbons and flowers.

Vases with ribbon embellishments


To show you some vases I have put together a selection of purple centerpiece vases available from Luna Bazaar. When it comes to themed wedding decorations, Luna Bazaar are one of my favourite wedding suppliers. They have some really beautiful things on their website. As well as the small selection of vases that I have chosen below, they have many more types of wedding decorations to use for your purple wedding theme so be sure to go and have a look at their full range of products.




Purple Vintage Colored Square Glass Bottle


Purple Wedding Centerpiece Bottle


This purple glass bottle is a square design. It’s size is 6.5 inches tall and 1.75 inches square. It is an antique style bottle. This would be ideal to use for long flowers and would look fantastic when combined with the other styles of vintage type bottles also available from Luna Bazaar.


Purple Frosted Oval Glass Vase


Oval Purple Wedding Centerpiece Vase


This vase would be ideal to use with a bouquet of flowers such as lilac or white roses. It is 4 inches high and the diameter is 2.75 inches. It is made from purple frosted glass. For more information on this vase and to see other shaped purple frosted vases please visit the Luna Bazaar website.


Purple Gilded Glass Vase with Flower Accents


Gilded Purple Wedding Centerpiece Vase


This purple glass vase is about 5.5 inches high and 3 inches wide. The gilded accents and flowers have been hand painted. There are also other handpainted designs available from Luna Bazaar including scroll and circle accents.

If you would prefer clear vases then please visit the Clear Glass Vases page.


If you want to put purple flowers in your vases then there is a large choice available. Some of the purple flowers that you can use for your centerpiece arrangements are: purple orchids, purple roses, irises, lilacs, lavender, stock, hydrangeas, tulips, violets and hyacinths. Your choice will depend not only on the shade of purple you would like but the time of year your wedding will be held as not all flowers are available all year round.

Here are some images for inspiration and ideas:

Top Row: orchid, rose, lavender, hydrangea
Bottom Row: iris, tulip, violet, hyacinth

Purple Wedding Flowers

You can find a larger list of flowers on my Purple Wedding Flowers page.

If you are planning on making your own wedding centerpieces and flower arrangements you may be interested in having a look at the flowers at They supply fresh flowers for weddings and other occasions at discount prices and fast shipping. The also guarantee the quality of their flowers.



While looking around for ideas on creating purple centerpieces for weddings, I came across this photo from someone who had purple in their wedding theme.

purple floralytes


Here they appear to have used what looks like clear vases and white flowers with purple submersible floralytes. You may possibly get the same effect from using purple glass vases with white floralytes.




Floralytes are small wireless submersible lights. They are used in many types of decorations including floral arrangements, table decorations and in candle votives instead of candles. You can purchase them and find lots of information about them including videos on the Koyal Wholesale website.


Vase Fillers

In the example above they also appear to have used some sort of a filler in the vase. Koyal Wholesale supply different types of crystals and marbles that can be used as fillers in your vase for a special effect and to hide the floralytes.

You can also use purple rose petals in or scattered around your centerpieces.


Plastic Gem Stones - Purple

Plastic Gem Stones – Purple

DecoBeads Custom Color - Lovely Lilac Water Pearls

DecoBeads Lovely Lilac Water Pearls

Silk Rose Petals- Purple

Silk Rose Petals- Purple


Summary of Purple Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Vase Color – purple or clear.

Vase Size – use one large vase or more than one.

Vase Style – use a combination of vases or only one type.

Flower Color – use one shade or many shades of purple or combine with other colors.

Flower Type – use one type only or combine with a variety of flowers.

Flower Arrangement – you can place your flowers into the vase by the stems or consider submersing them under the water.

Extras – add floralytes or fillers such as marbles, gemstones or beads into your vase.


I hope you found this post on purple wedding centerpieces helpful for planning your wedding. You can find many more ideas on purple weddings on my purple weddings theme page.

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