Orchid Wedding Bouquets

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Orchid themed weddings would not be complete without orchid wedding bouquets. To give you some ideas and inspiration I have put together the Orchid Wedding Bouquets video of over 20 bridal bouquets incorporating orchid flowers. Use the pictures in the video to help you get ideas to find the perfect orchid wedding flowers for your own bridal bouquet.

Keep reading after the video where I write about some of these orchid wedding bouquet ideas and the different varieties of flowers that are used.


There are three main types of orchids that are used for wedding bouquets and decorations.

Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchid Wedding Flowers

Also known as Singapore orchids. These orchids have the smallest flower when compared to the other two varieties. They come in a good range of natural colors such as purple, yellow, orange, white and also available in stem dyed colors like blue. They are pretty and delicate look at but can also be exotic and tropical. If you would like to have a blue orchid wedding bouquet then blue dendrobium orchids would be the ideal choice. The flowers can be purchased from JR Roses Wholesale Flowers

Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchid Wedding Flowers

Also known as moth orchids. The flowers are large and flat. These look beautiful when used in cascading bouquets. They can also be teamed with other orchid types such as the dendrobium orchids. Colors include white and purple and pink. They are modern and elegant.


Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Flowers

These orchids are quite hardy and will last well throught the day. They work well in wired bouquets. Available in a large range of colours including white, green, pink, burgundy and cream. Compliment other types of flowers well.


Here are some of the bouquets from the video:

I have listed the flowers used to the best of my knowledge and research into this theme.

White and Burgundy Orchid Wedding Bouquet A mixture of white phaleonopsis orchids and white and burgundy dendrobium orchids.
Purple Orchid Wedding Bouquet A round purple orchid wedding bouquet with large purple phaleonopis orchids, lilacs, anemones and foliage
Cymbidium White Orchid Wedding Bouquet White cymbidium orchids with red centers with wax flowers, eucalypt foliage and yellow foliage.
Orchid Wedding Bouquet with White Dendrobium Orchids Cascading bouquet with white lilies wih white dendrobium orchids and green foliage.
Orchid Wedding Bouquet with Green Cymbidium Orchids Round bouquet with green and white cymbidium orchids. This would also look nice using the same color to create an an all green cymbidium orchid wedding bouquet or other single colors like an all pink orchid wedding bouquet.
Cascading Orchid Wedding Bouquet with White Phalaenopsis Orchids Cascading white orchid wedding bouquet incorporating large white phalaenopsis orchids and green foliage.
Cascading Orchid Wedding Bouquet with Pink Phalaenopsis Orchids Long cascading bouquet with large purple phalaenopsis flowers and yellow ornamental berries and foliage.
Orchid Wedding Bouquet with Yellow Dendrobium Orchids Dendrobium orchid wedding bouquet with orange roses, chrysanthemums and yellow dendrobium orchids.
Orchid Wedding Bouquet with Purple Cymbidium Orchids Round hand tied bouquet with champagne roses, burgundy dahlias and purple-burgundy cymbidium orchids.
Orchid Wedding Bouquet with Purple Cymbidium Orchids and Pearls Other orchid wedding bouquet ideas include incorporating ribbons, gemstones, charms and pearls like this bridal bouquet.


How to Save Money on Wedding Bouquets and Flowers

If you have ever thought about saving some money on wedding flowers you can do this by making your own wedding bouquet and centerpieces and floral arrangements.

Nadine Visscher who has been arranging flowers for over 15 years has written The Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Flowers. I have a copy of her book and have found it very detailed and informative. It gives step by step instructions with photographs and shows you how to create 12 different types of bouquets plus wiring techniques, corsages and boutonnieres, bows and so much more. You can find the book and more information at her website.

You can also save money by purchasing your own flowers. JR Roses Wholesale Flowers have a wide range of colored orchids available. They offer fresh flowers at wholesale prices and deliver them straight to your door.



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