Orchid Wedding Favors Collection

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This is a collection of all the lovely orchid wedding favors I have found online. Wedding favors make great little thank you gifts for your guests. They can be used both on your wedding day and at bridal showers. Many of these orchid favors, such as the candles, will also make really beautiful decorations on your reception tables.

Elegant Orchid Tealight Holder

Orchid Tealight Holder Favors

These pink orchid gel tealight candle holders are very versatile as they can be used for an elegant wedding, a garden wedding, a tropical wedding, an asian wedding and even for a beach wedding. They would make great wedding favors for your guests. Also they could be used for the wedding reception tables as decorations that you can light on the day for a romantic ambiance.

The size of the holder is 2 3/4″ h x 2 1/4″ in diameter. Each candle holder is made of a sleek convex glass container that holds a beautiful fushia and orange silk orchid suspended in clear candle gel. It comes packaged in a clear box which also has a white satin ribbon with a cordinated white and purple gift tag. The tealight candle is included.

This candle is available from the following wedding favor suppliers:


Elegant Wedding Impressions

Moments of Elegance

My Wedding Favors

Bliss Weddings Market

Little Things Favors


Orchid Sachets

Scented drawer sachet orchid wedding favors.

For a thoughtful and practical wedding favor these orchid embellished scented drawer sachets would make fantastic favors for the girls at your bridal shower. Each sachet contains a blend of lavender and gardenia scents enclosed in an elegant pink satin bag. They are embellished with a beautiful soft pink and white silk orchid and tied with a pink satin ribbon. They evoke luxury. The sachet size is 3 x 4 inches.

Available from Moments of Elegance


Tropical Orchid Favor Boxes


Orchid Favor Boxes

These glossy white favor boxes come filled with white chocolate amorini hearts. The tops of the boxes are embellished with a white and pink orchid flower. They also have a pink organza ribbon. The box size is 2x2x2 inches. These are great because they contain edible wedding favors but the flower can still be kept as a momento.

Available from:

Moments of Elegance

My Wedding Favors

Little Things Favors


Purple Orchid Pressed Flower Stickers

Purple Orchid Pressed Flower Sticker

These beautiful vibrant stickers are made from real pressed purple orchids. They are so versatile and you can use them to create your own orchid wedding favors by sticking them onto favor boxes, favor tins or favor bags etc… You can also use them to make favor gift tags. If you wanted to you could even make your wedding stationery with them because they are a simple way to decorate paper parts. Your stationery will have a natural and botanical feel to it.. They come in packs of 30

Available from Moments of Elegance


Orchid Cookie Favors

Orchid shaped cookie wedding favors.

What a gorgeous little favor to share with all the girls at your bridal shower. Their size is 3.5 x 4.5 inches and they are available in pink or yellow. Each cookie arrives packaged in a clear cello bag with matching color ribbons. Serve them up on a pretty platter or place them at table settings.

They are made by a famous baker in Illinois and are available for purchase from Americal Bridal.


Watercolor Orchids Plantable Favor Tags

Plantable Orchid Favor Tags

These environmentally friendly orchid favor tags are made with wildflower seeds that grow when the tag is planted. The tags will be printed with the bride and grooms names and the wedding date. These tags feature a watercolor design of an orchid. They come in Green and Blue, Pink and Coral, Purple and Blue (above) and Yellow and Orange. You can choose a nice coordinated ribbon to tie them around your wedding favors or add a bow and stick them to the top of favor boxes filled with candy.

Available from Beau-Coup


Personalized Orchid Favor Tags

Orchid Favor Tags

These orchid favor tags can be personalized with your preferred text. They are being used for a bridal shower here but you can also use them on your own wedding favors. Just add a ribbon. They come in a set of 60tags. The size is 1-7/8″ x 1/2″

Available from Hanson Ellis


Orchid Flower Soap Favors

Orchid shaped soap wedding favors.

These gorgeous orchid flower soaps have a light floral scent. They come in a range of colors: White, Pink, Purple, Light Green, Fuschia and Yellow.
They look very realistic and measure 3.25 x 4 inches. The package consists of clear round boxes beautifully tied with a white organza ribbon. You can also purchase gift tags separately if required. There are 2 orchid soaps per package. The round box measures 4.25 inches in diameter. These would make nice and unique wedding favors.

These Orchid Flower Soap favors are exclusive to Sophie’s Favors.


Orchid Flower Soap and Confetti

Lavender colored orchid shaped soap wedding favors.

Lavender Orchid Flower Soap
Lavender Heart Soap Confetti

Another unique wedding favor idea are these orchid shaped glycerine soaps. Each one comes packaged in a clear box together with heart shaped soap confetti.
Rose scented. Each soap is about 3 inches in diameter.

They are available from Koyal Wholesale.


Mini Orchid Candles

Mini Orchid Candles for wedding favors

The size of these orchid candles is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. These would also make nice table decorations floated in a shallow vase with some water. They are available from Escape Concepts.


Orchid Candles

White Orchid Wedding Favor Candles

These candles are also from Escape Concepts.

The are simular to the ones above but I think they are bigger in size and are sold in smaller quantities. They come in packaged of 2 in a box with raffia.


Wild Orchid Guest Soaps

Wild Orchid Soap Favors

These Wild Orchid Guest Soaps make practical and useful wedding favors. There are two guest soaps included. One is white and the other one is lavender. They have a floral scent and come in a white organza favor bag. The bag is tied with a lavender colored satin ribbon and embellished with a paper orchid. The size of the bag is 3×4 inches. These would make lovely bridal shower favors or wedding favors.

Available from Little Things Favors


Personalized Wild Orchid Seed Favor Cards

Personalized Wild Orchid Seed Favor Cards

These unique favors are made from textured white handmade paper. Inside the card there is a glassine envelope containing wildflower seeds. The writing on the glassine envelope can be personalized with your own text which is what shows through the die cut circle on the front of the card. The card is embellished with a lavender colored satine ribbon and a pretty paper orchid. Card size is 4×6 inches

Available from Little Things Favors


Purple Orchid Favor Tags

Purple Orchid Wedding Favor Tags

These wedding favor tags feature an elaborate purple orchid design. They have been a bestseller for me. You can use them for your wedding favors by punching a hole in the top corner and threading with your own ribbon. The back of the tags can be personalized with your own text. Wedding favor tags are a great way to bring in your theme to simple wedding favors like edible gifts in boxes or bags or tins.

There is also a range of matching invitations, wedding stationery and other favors available with this design. Plus also stickers pictured below.

These are available from The Bridal Boutique


Purple Orchid Stickers

Purple Orchid Favor Stickers or Seals

These stickers have the same design as the favor tags above this post. Use them on wedding favor boxes, tins, bags etc… to bring your purple orchid wedding theme into your wedding favors. They are available in 2 different size 1.5″ or 3″ diameter.

These are available from The Bridal Boutique


Do It Yourself Edible Orchid Wedding Favors

If you still can’t find anything on this page to suit your needs then one of the easiest ways to make DIY wedding favors by choosing to give your guests edible ones.

Here are some 3 steps making Doing It Yourself favors with an orchid theme:

1. Choose a container like a box, tin, organza bag or paper bag:

Here are some suppliers that sell these items:

ForYourParty – boxes, bags, ribbon

Beau-coup – boxes, bags, envelopes, tins, ribbon

Lunar Bazaar – organza favor bags

Koyal Wholesale

2. Choose an edible filler.

You can find chocolates, mints, almonds, candy, in all shapes and sizes and a large range of colors at: A Candy Store

3. Stick on an orchid sticker or orchid favor tag and add a bow or ribbon if you like.

If you don’t like any of the stickers or tags on this page then there are plenty more to choose from:

There is a big range of orchid tags at Zazzle for your to choose from or create your own.

Zazzle also have lots of orchid stickers that you can choose from or create your own. You can see them in the feed below:



This completes my orchid wedding favors collection for now. I hope it will assist you in finding the perfect ones for your wedding day.

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