Purple Wedding Bouquets

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Purple wedding bouquets are a popular and obvious choice when your theme color is purple.

Here are some ideas on ways to use all those purple wedding flowers from the list that I put together yesterday.

Most of these bouquets contain some purple flowers combined with other colors. You can use the images to see the flowers that are available and how they can be used together with others and also some of the purple flowers can be singled out and used on their own if you want just purple.


Purple Rose Wedding Bouquet
This round bridal bouquet is made up of soft purple roses. It is also embellished with a rhinestone in the centers of the roses.
Purple Wedding Bouquet
This bouquet has a variety of flowers including purple roses, purple chrysanthemums and also green chrysanthemums.
A simple and effective purple wedding bouquet, this one has nice vibrant purple lisianthus that are accented by babys breath flowers.
This one has purple lisianthus together with lots of green foliage and what appears to be a purple artichoke.
I put this one in because I wanted to show you the beautiful purple calla lilies. Here they are combined with dahlias. I think that the calla lillies would make a really stunning and elegant purple wedding bouquet on their own.
This bouquet combines white roses and english lavender. The roses are embellished with rhinestones in their centers.
Another example of purple roses but these are combined with hydrangeas.
A very elegant bouquet made up of purple orchids and white lisianthus. If you like orchids you may like to see more purple orchid bouquet ideas on my Orchid Wedding Bouquets page.
This bouquet is one of my favourites. It is a nice combination of different purple flowers. This one is an example of purple bridesmaid bouquets. It has purple roses, purple tulips and green hydrangeas. It looks like they have used different shades of purple tulips.

I hope you find these purple wedding bouquet ideas inspirational. Don’t forget that there are many more purple wedding flowers on my Purple Wedding Flowers List page.



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