Orchid Wedding Cakes – Decorating Ideas

This orchid wedding cakes video below is a collection of photographs showing orchid wedding cakes that I have collected from various sources.

The great thing about orchids is that they make very beautiful decorations for cakes because they are not only easy to use this way but they also withstand long periods without water, especially the cymbidium flowers.

This video has over 20 different cake ideas ranging from simple single tier wedding cakes to cupcakes to multi tier elaborate cakes. I hope it will help you with ideas for your own wedding cake.



3 tier wedding cake with green cymbidium orchids
Green cymbidium orchids with pink centers have been used to decorate this 3 tiered wedding cake.
3 Tier cake with dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids
A white 2 tiered cake decorated with red dendrobium orchids and large white phalaenopsis orchids.
2 tier Orchid Wedding Cake with White Phalaenopsis Orchids and Foliage
White and pink phalaenopsis orchids and green foliage are used on this square shaped 2 tiered wedding cake.
4 Tier Wedding Cake with Purple dendrobium Orchids
An elaborate square shaped 4 tiered cake decorated with piped leaves and swirls and embellished with a variety of flowers which include purple dendrobium orchids.
Cupcake with white dendrobium orchid
Individually decorated cupcakes are a popular choice for wedding cakes. This one has a white dendrobium orchid.



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